Finally, I now know what a time signature is and which end to strum the guitar!

Bought tickets for @forgetcape’s last show #TotallyGonnaWearACape #GetCapeWearCapeBye

Who wants one? X

So when we were told that there would be a painting off us being auctioned at Postfest today, we had hoped it might not have been a picture of us taking disgusting selfies in Yates’s. Nevertheless, top artwork by #NotDeadYet

Excellent sketch of our Alex by the very talented Mia Bromige! We would love to see any other art you guys have created with us in mind, or of us precisely! Get creative and tag us on here and we will promote you!

Our bassist keeping it real

Some chaps sporting our tie dye. Who wants one? ;)

Doing some kickstarter rewards! #constructions

Photo credit; The Raw Image

Tie dye yo. Come get one for cheap from joiners. Germany will win, I already told you. X

On the playlist for tonight…

Rumour Cubes are unbelievably rad. #GermanyWillWinSoComeToJoinersAndFoegetTheFootball

60p watermeloooooown #ItsTheMostBeautifulThingIEverSeenInMyLife

Our merchandise for tonight. Ellie not for sale.

If you want a tie dye tee, get down to le joiners tonight! X