In case you hadn’t realised we are planning another jaunt around the UK NEXT MONTH :O!!! We are so excited to get back on the road to see you all again. Bring on the #SleepTourK!!!!

Cool shot of us at #Bestival this year! Thanks to Amie for the photo!

Who would wear one of these Sleep Talk tees? X

chaboyy asked:
Your guys' music has most definitely touched me. Ever since I discovered your Facial Furniture EP It's been on my playlist daily. It just gives me some sense of nostalgia, which I adore. I second that anon, and hope you guys make it to the US for a tour one day. If money is an issue, may I suggest doing some type of crowd fundraising to get you over? I'm sure if the demand is high enough, it could be a success. Though, I'm sure it's rather expensive. Anyways, cheers, love the tunes!

Thank you so so much. It makes us feel so rad when we get messages like this. We are so glad you are really enjoying our songs! Do you have a favourite? As we said we would love the chance to tour the US one day and with support like this why wouldn’t we!!! In regards to funding we did have a very recent and successful campaign through Kickstarter which helped fund our new single and a tour. Thank you for your kind message, we love you. xx

Hey friends, so here is our surprise…

We’re going on a #SleepTourK!
Who’s with us?

Please comment and let us know where we will be seeing you!

We will have all of our ‘Sleep Talk’ related merch, as well as more new delicious garments for sale.

See you soon!
Ellie, Ryan, Mikey, Alex. X

We have a neat treat for you to eat at 7:00PM tonight. See you then xoxo


Thank you to everyone who came down to our Bestival slot this weekend. You are all rad!!!!

We also have a super special announcement that we are going to reveal to all of you tomorrow night. So be sure to come back to see the big news ;)!!!!

Please tag us in any pictures of us that you kind peoples might have X


Thank you so much to everyone who came down to our show at ‘The Bandstand’ yesterday. It was lovely to come back and play another island based show. WE MISSED YOU IOW!!!!

ALSO we are all still wandering around the ‘Bestival’ site somewhere ;). So if you see us feel free to come and say hello, we do love a good chin wag!!!

Anonymous asked:
will y'all do a U.S. tour? you totally should. your music is so wonderful!! you have to come to San Francisco, California <3

Muchly thanks!!! We are so glad you are enjoying our music. We would love to come to the US one day. Maybe when we have saved up enough monies we will be able to :). Thanks for your kind words and support anon!!!

Tour poster ft @ryansignals reflection. #HowYouDoin


Today we are rehearsing and preparing for our set on SATURDAY AFTERNOON at THE BANDSTAND. Be sure to check the BESTIVAL APP for details and come and say hello :).


First super thanks to everyone who came to our SALISBURY show with FAUX. It was awesome to see so many friendly faces there as we haven’t played Salisbury for a while. We honestly really appreciate it. :)

Next we are thrilled to announce that we will be playing BESTIVAL!!! We are honoured to be math rock dancing at THE BANDSTAND on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, so please do come down and have a dance with us.

FINALLY we have reached our final few t shirts, and these tees are unlikely to be printed again.

We have a few GOATEE TEES left (4 Small // 2 Medium // 3 Large)
And we only have 1 MEDIUM BIKE TEE left.
So be sure to get your orders in if you want a t shirt!

A poster from our first EP release show!

Merch boxes